Head Chef Launches New Personalised Service To Put Diners At Ease

Head Chef Launches New Personalised Service To Put Diners At EaseThe Head Chef at one of the Lake District’s leading hotels has launched a new personalised service to cater for a vast range of diets and allergies – from vegans and fruitarians to people with individual cultural or health needs.

At no extra cost, guests staying at the Lakeside Hotel & Spa are being offered a direct one-to-one chat with Richard Booth ahead of their visit, to put them at ease before they dine in either of the hotel’s two distinctly different restaurants; The Brasserie or the Lakeview restaurant.

The hotel already stores a huge amount of products for people with allergies, including basic items like ten types of milk. But Richard says this is about much more than just checking dietary requirements.

He comments, “Very few Head Chefs offer one-to-one contact with customers before their visit, but this new service is all about ensuring people are comfortable before they arrive, so they can truly relax during their stay. Personal consultations really give me a feel for what guests want and it means I can plan one-off dishes using their favourite ingredients in advance.

“Sometimes there are also important health considerations; take one regular guest who is allergic to anti-biotics. With an increasing number of international visitors, cultural and religious needs have also become more important. Basically, we can adapt any dish, it’s just a question of understanding what individuals need and being creative to make that happen.”