Head Waiting Gender Pay Disparity


A survey has revealed a pay gap between male head waiters who earn almost 20%, or £4,300 more per year, more than their female counterparts.The study by recruitment company The Change Group, revealed that the gap existed despite the fact that women are increasingly leading front of house roles.

The results follow a review of six years of data from the Office of National Statistics by the Change Group revealing that while women hold seven out of 10 chef de rang or waiter positions, men are still paid around £1,150 more per annum than women.

While there are more female than male catering and bar managers men hold more restaurant and pub manager positions. Female restaurant managers on average earn around 10%, or £3,500 less than men, however, the disparity is smaller for bar managers where women earn on average around £600 less than men and female assistant bar managers are earning around £600 more than men.

In certain categories, women are slightly ahead of men. Female sommeliers registered with The Change Group are on average paid £827 more than men, and female floor managers are paid £670 more than men.

“Our analysis shows that while there isn’t as straightforward a male/female divide as there once was, men are clearly still the winners front of house,” said Craig Allen, founder and director of The Change Group. “Even in roles such as waitering, where women clearly dominate, men earn more money. We know that many restaurants and employers are addressing this situation but we all need to do more to ensure fair pay for all.”