Heart Attack Survivor & TV Chef, Sally Bee Puts Theresa May On The Spot With Backing From Raymond Blanc & Jamie Oliver

sallybeePassionate Heart Attack surviving TV Chef, Sally Bee will today put Theresa May on the spot and ask her to make one simple promise as a first step to Save Britain’s Hearts.

Statistically, today another 435 people will die from heart disease in the UK. Potentially 348 of those lives could have been saved. In just one day.

Raymond Blanc, OBE is supporting Sally’s quest to get the government to make immediate changes.

  • This Thursday is World Heart Day.
  • Heart disease is the biggest killer in the UK.
  • It is proven that 80% of heart disease could be prevented by changes in diet from a young age.
  • Today 435 people will die of heart disease. 
  • 515 people will go to hospital due to a heart attack. 
  • 190 people will die from a heart attack. 
  • And 7 million people will cope with the heart disease. 
  • All in one day! 
  • 80% of these cases could be avoided! 

Childhood obesity is at its highest rate ever and the problem is still growing.

The Government recently released their much awaited

‘Childhood Obesity – A Plan for Action’ document.

Jamie Oliver works tirelessly to fight the obesity battle and has called the document “Underwhelming, disappointing, woeful and far from robust” 

Sally Bee  “We all have responsibility. The Government MUST step up and stop wimping out but so must we! We are all responsible for this obesity crisis, we are all responsible for what we put in our mouths and it will be joined effort to fix it. Economics, education, immigration…none of this matters when you are dead”

Raymond Blanc, OBE “Obesity and all the problems and illnesses it brings is nothing short of a national emergency. Finding innovative ways to change people’s eating habits, teaching them to enjoy healthy, nutritious and delicious food is a huge challenge. But it is possible to change things if we all work together.  It is crucial that we look urgently at ways that we can work together to deal with these problems so that we can look forward to a happier, healthier future for the whole nation.”

Sally Bee speaks from the heart as she writes to Theresa May

 Letter to Theresa May – to be delivered on Wednesday 26th September

 Dear Mrs. May,

 Congratulations on your new job!

 As I’m sure things are a little overwhelming at this early stage in your term, so I am writing with something that should help you prioritise.

 You will only be able to do your job properly if you take great care of yourself, eat well, sleep well and move about well. If you had heart disease, you would not have the energy to run the country. You might not get a death-sentence with the heart disease, but believe me; it can feel like a life sentence. I am a three times heart attack survivor who now lives with a chronic heart problem. Just incase you were wondering, my heart attacks weren’t actually caused by a poor diet, they were caused by a genetic condition I have. But my life was saved because I ate a healthy diet from an early age so I am living proof that it works. I saved my own life.

 I have read your ‘Governments Childhood Obesity – A Plan for Action’ document and am horrified at the lack of commitment and urgency. It is clear that this is not at the top of your pile. It should be.

 We are killing our kids – their lives are in our hands!

What are you waiting for?

 By not fully engaging in the battle against childhood obesity, it seems that you are accepting that our children today will be the unwell future tomorrow.

 Already obesity costs the NHS £11bn each year. Shall we save some money?

 The one point I wish to challenge immediately relates to Traffic Light Food Labeling.

 Children are eating their body weight in sugar over the course of a year. The British public are sleepwalking into their own personal health crisis and don’t understand why. Much of this is due to lack of information on food labels. Therefore the Traffic Light Labeling System must be mandatory on all food items, not voluntary.

 The people I talk to, believe they are making healthy choices but the labels on their pre-packed foods are dishonest and misleading and mean that many of their so called ‘healthy’ choices are actually causing health problems. Yes they are in control of what they put in their mouths and there is a long way to go in educating people at ground level, I do everything I can to support this, but the problem is massively exacerbated by the lack of truthful and clear information on packaged food.

 So, my request to you, today, on World Heart Day is a very simple one. It doesn’t need lots of investigation, reports or discussion. All you have to do is say

 “Yes, I promise to put the nations health at the top of my list by making the first sensible and easy to achieve change in place by making traffic light labelling mandatory.

 It’s so easy to do. And it will make a start as we try to Save Britain’s Hearts.

 As someone who lives with a chronic heart condition, every day above ground is a great day and there is never a better time to take action than today – as tomorrow it may be too late. For us all.

 Yours Sincerely

 Sally Bee