, Heating Under Pressure At London Hotel

The Challenge

The Danubius Hotel Regents Park in London had to upgrade their 14 aging boilers that had reached the end of their life cycle. Contractor SPIE UK and British commercial boiler manufacturer Hamworthy Heating delivered a space-saving solution.

, Heating Under Pressure At London HotelWith 360 bedrooms/suites and a fitness centre, a reliable heating and hot water supply is crucial. Constant incoming travellers from local airports put extra pressure on, making down time impossible.

For this reason, the hotel had to keep running 24/7 during the change. A compact boiler with high maximum working pressure was required for the tall hotel building, as well as being able to cope with large heating and hot water demands.

The Solution

Four Hamworthy Wessex ModuMax mk3 modular boilers with a combined output of 3,048kW were identified as a suitable replacement. Incorporating a stainless steel heat exchanger with 10-year warranty gave the hotel long-term peace of mind. A small footprint of 0.74m² per boiler stack makes it easy to transport and site in narrow plant rooms or fit next to existing equipment for a smooth changeover.

Along with other extensive work, a flue update had to be carried out to accommodate pressure and condensate generated by the new boilers. The contract that SPIE signed with the building owners was based on a zero complaint strategy which meant absolutely no complaints to avoid damaging costs.

Mission Accomplished

The existing heating system was successfully upgraded, and space restrictions overcome with the use of compact modular boilers while the challenge to keep the hotel running without interruption to accommodate guests was successfully met.

Four Hamworthy Wessex ModuMax mk3 boilers were compact enough to fit into the plant room and satisfy the needs of a high building with its high maximum working pressure.

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