We have been helping many of our hotels and restaurant clients to comply with the new social distancing guidelines to keep guests and staff safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We can help you to ensure your marketing materials get results, as well as keeping guests safe.We have devised a range of popular products including protective screens, floor stickers, posters, branded hand sanitising stations and more.

Door seals with a perforated strip which tears upon opening, to show that a room has been deep cleaned and sanitised.

Cutlery sleeves which can be branded with your logo or message to prevent cutlery from touching common surfaces.

Hand sanitisers – we have a range of wall mounted, floor standing and mini branded hand sanitisers.

Toilet seat straps are paper wrappers which wrap around a toilet seat lid to show it has been sanitised.

Remote control wraps show a remote control has been sanitised specifically for their stay.Television handsets are a breeding ground for bacteria so this branded item reassures guests that health and hygiene are paramount.

Disposable menus printed in pads have been popular as instead of passing through many hands before it gets to yours, your guests can be sure they are recycled after use.

NeverTear menus are virtually indestructible as they can be sprayed with anti bacterial fluid after use and can even be put in the dishwasher to sanitise.

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