Hillbrush is the UK’s largest manufacturer of cleaning brushes and specialist hygienic cleaning tools.

Throughout the food supply chain there are significant risks of cross-contamination, no more so than within the factory environment where raw materials and ingredients come into contact with surfaces throughout production. COVID-19 will mean that cleaning regimes will need to be even more rigorous, not only to minimise the risk of cross contamination from pathogenic bacteria, such as Campylobacter and E. coli, but also from Coronavirus transmission between co-workers.

Using cleaning equipment that is fit for purpose and effective sanitising of equipment between use is one line of defence to prevent bacterial contamination. But a second line of defence that is increasing in popularity is the reduction of the threat of cross-contamination and the use of antimicrobial cleaning tools within the food production environment.Antimicrobial tools also increase the lifespan of cleaning tools and understand- ing of what equipment is needed for each cleaning task to ensure optimum results.

Antimicrobial cleaning tools are specifically designed to prevent the growth and reduce the risk of bacterial cross-contamination, minimise foreign body contamination and support HACCP and 5S best practice with colour-coded segregation.While antimicrobial cleaning tools should not replace a regular cleaning regime, they enhance it, adding the additional level of protection that everyone is seeking in a post-COVID land- scape.

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