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Hofmeister Comes Out of Hibernation!

Following a 13-year hibernation, the Hofmeister brand was purchased in 2015 from Heineken who saw no future for it. The founders saw a brand with a strong nostalgic presence which needed a great quality product to back it up and set about sourcing the best ingredients and brewing mastery to create a beer worthy of the brand.
Hofmeister is now a genuine Bavarian Helles lager, made using only the finest ingredients – natural mineral water, locally grown barley that the brewery malts itself and hops from the Hallertau region. Brewed by a small, 4th generation family brewery, one of only 4 brewers in Bavaria to be certified slow brewing, Hofmeister Helles is lagered at zero degrees centigrade for up to seven weeks to achieve a refreshingly crisp clean Helles lager.
An established brand that people have fond memories of, coupled with a new recipe with a brilliant provenance has created a product that delivers the best qualities of craft beer in an approachable format. Awarded IWSC 2018 Best Lager, and more recently Best Lager at the Quality Drinks Awards, the industry is swiftly recognising Hofmeister as a premium brand and product to get behind.

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