Hold Off! Brits Deterred By Flight Gadget Ban

– Device-dependent Brits Deterred from affected Flights Following the Gadget Ban

– Tablets Come Top in the Travel Tech We Can’t Bear to leave in the Hold

Over a third of Brits will be dissuaded from boarding affected flights, following certain airlines’ restrictions on gadgets, research reveals today.

From the 3,500* people polled by travel extras specialist HolidayExtras.com, 35 per cent felt they’d be forced to reconsider their flights if faced with having to put their much-loved electronics in the hold of an aircraft.

For almost one in five people (18 per cent), a fear for the safety of their belongings is simply unacceptable. A further 17 per cent said they just couldn’t be parted from their devices or switch off from devices during their journey.

The survey also revealed that tablets are the nation’s most treasured tech, with 34 per cent of people stating that this is the gadget they’d have most trouble checking in. Kindles came in a close second (proving almost twice as popular with women than men), with 19% taking their light-weight libraries abroad .

Ant Clarke-Cowell, Communications Director at Holiday Extras, said:

“Whether they’re used to update social statuses, translate local languages or plan our journeys, electronic devices are a huge part of modern travel. According to our survey, two thirds of Brits now pack a gadget to help them travel better, with women being more likely to take them than men.

“Considering how much easier or enjoyable such items can make our journeys, and how fragile and expensive they can be, it’s easy to see why the restrictions have sparked so much debate and caution amongst passengers. However, we’d hate to see this stopping people from flying to the affected destinations and we were surprised to see just how many people were considering this move in our poll.”