Home Secretary Orders Review Into £30,000 Salary Threshold For Immigrants After Brexit

Home Secretary Sajid Javid announced that salary thresholds for migrant workers will be looked at before changes are made in a move which is likely to lead to a softening of the rules.

Mr Javid has asked the Migration Advisory Committee – the independent body which advises the Government on immigration matters – to consider whether an existing threshold of £30,000 for experienced workers is still appropriate.

The independent body had previously recommended that experienced migrant workers should have a salary of at least £30,000 and recent graduates at least £20,800.

However, concerns have been raised that the £30,000 figure would mean workers in important and skilled, but not particularly well-paid professions, being unable to come to the UK.

Mr Javid has asked the MAC to examine the salary thresholds issue and then report with fresh advice before the changes come into effect from 2021.

Javid said: “It’s vital the new immigration system continues to attract talented people to grow our economy and support business while controlling our borders.

“These proposals are the biggest change to our immigration system in a generation, so it’s right that we consider all of the evidence before finalising them.

“That’s why I’ve asked independent experts to review the evidence on salary thresholds. It’s crucial the new immigration system works in the best interests of the whole of the UK.”

UKHospitality chief executive Kate Nicholls had previously said such a move would be “positive and pragmatic” showing that the “home secretary has been listening to our concerns”.

She added: “Any future migration policy must focus on the needs and fortunes of the wider economy, rather than focusing on individuals. Hospitality is a key economic driver but to keep growing will need to employ non-British workers in many different roles. It is vital that we also have a separate route for semi-skilled workers.”

The MAC is expected to publish a report by January 2020.