Home-Sharing Registration Scheme Crucial To Tackling Rogue Landlords

UKHospitality-LogoUKHospitality has supported the Mayor of London’s calls for a registration scheme to enforce short-term letting laws.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “A registration scheme to ensure fair letting of residential property is exactly what we need to tackle rogue businesses and provide fairness. UKHospitality has been calling on the Government to do more to provide transparency in the home-sharing sector, including introducing such a scheme.

“Home-sharing platforms have helped revolutionise tourism and hospitality for consumers and they provide great choice. The problem is some of these properties are not being let in the spirit of the new technology. Property owners renting out multiple sites all year long are effectively trading like businesses without being subject to the legislation, restrictions and taxes that other businesses are subject to.

“Landlords who wish to list their home on platforms such as AirBnB should be free to do so, but if they want to operate as an accommodation business they should adhere to the same rules as any other. Introducing a registration scheme will be a very helpful step in cracking down on rogue businesses and will also provide transparency for customers, some of whom may be put at risk by fly-by-night landlords. This is a great proposal by the Mayor of London and we hope other policy-makers follow suit to provide protection and fairness for consumers and businesses alike.”