Hospitality Professionals Most Sleep Deprived

Those working in the hospitality sector are the most sleep deprived in the UK, more so than those who work in banking, construction, transport or retail, according to a survey conducted by bed manufacturer Sealy.

The survey questioned 5,000 working people from across the UK (including 830 from the hospitality industry). Findings have revealed that 14% of hospitality staff have had a recent accident at work due to feeling tired, which is above the national average of 11%.

Over half of hospitality workers also said they regularly lost their temper because of tiredness, while 28% said they suffer a lack of productivity. 86% said that they would function better at work if they slept better.

Almost three-quarters of people working in hospitality regularly experienced low mood or depressed feeling due to lack of sleep.

Sealy is calling for bosses to “put sleep at the top of their agenda.” The company plans to work alongside Russell HR Consulting to produce a guide for bosses to deal with the problem of sleep deprived staff.

Neil Robinson from Sealy said: “There are of course occasions when staff are tired as a result of staying up too late or burning the candle at both ends. However, this campaign is about helping bosses make that distinction, as well as encouraging a common-sense approach to effectively managing sleep in the workplace.”