Hospitality Sector Employees In Scotland Among The Happiest

edinburghA recent survey in Scotland has revealed that employees in the hospitality sector are among the happiest of workers.

It comes as a result of the happiness index, created by Bank of Scotland and YouGov. 3,056 adults were surveyed rating their happiness from a high of 100 to a low of -100.

Those working in hotels and lodgings came second happiest of all, scoring a ranking of 45.81 in the happy stakes, second only to those working in entertainment, recreation and the arts.

Levels of unhappiness rose with longer commute times with home workers scoring highly.

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) has condemned the view that hospitality is not a good career choice, following a survey from Best Western Great Britain which found hospitality to be the third least popular career path, according to parents.

Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the BHA, has said:

“Hospitality is a successful and growing industry. It has a fantastic range of job roles and training, with the opportunity to succeed very quickly.

“However, there are still widespread misconceptions amongst many outside the industry.”

The BHA has recently run successful career campaigns such as the Hospitality Works programme and the Big Hospitality Conversation Events series, to promote hospitality sector careers.