Able to draw and transfer thermal energy from air,Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) under the right circumstances represent an efficient way to significantly reduce the carbon emissions of a building. Commercial hot water and heating specialist Adveco now extends its ASHP offering with the Adveco L70, a high capacity monobloc air-to-water heat pump.

Calibrated for the UK climate, the L70 operates with ambient tempera- tures of -20 to +35°C.When temperatures plummet, the L70’s automatically provides built-in frost protection.

Achieving water temperatures up to 60°C, the L70 can be used to supply preheat for hybrid applications with regular hot water demand, such as for showering and washing.The L70 will dramatically lower CO when analysed using the carbon intensity figures from the new SAP10. Compared to gas systems the carbon emissions are reduced by around 70%, when using the SCOP of 3.39 (Ecodesign reference design temperature of – 10°C for the UK and water temperature at 35°C.). Even greater efficiency can be attained in warmer southern and western UK regions.