Hotel Dubbed the Worst in Britain Closed Down

43829303A hotel dubbed the worst in Britain was closed down down on the spot when inspectors turned up to inspect it, after fears guests could be electrocuted in their rooms.

Fire chiefs and safety inspectors immediately evacuated all the guests in at the 27-room Fiorenzo Cazari hotel at a Welsh seaside resort.

The hotel will not be allowed to re-open until urgent safety work has repaired their dodgy electrics.

Guests were ordered out of the Victorian hotel on the Rhyl seafront after a spot check by inspectors, and were only allowed to re-enter and grab their belongings.

A sign was placed at the front of the hotel warning other potential visitors about a “risk of electrocution, receiving an electric shock or fire”.

The hotel it has 65 reviews rated as “terrible” on TripAdvisor with the latest saying: “This is hardly a hotel more like a slum … could not sleep here as absolutely filthy.

Another stated ;”I am well travelled and this has to win hands down for being the worst hotel I have ever entered. If it was free for the night I would rather sleep in a doorway.”

A spokesperson for Denbighshire County Council said: “A Council Health and Safety Inspector has served a Prohibition Notice under the Health and Safety at Work Act due on the ‘Fiorenzo Cazari Hotel’ in Rhyl due to an unsafe electrical installation. This notice prohibits the use of the premises indefinitely until work is done to satisfy that the electrical installation does not pose a risk of serious injury or fire.”