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Hotel Guests Dissatisfied With Coffee

man drinkingSeven out of 10 hotel guests (75%) are dissatisfied with the quality of coffee in their hotel bedroom, rating it either poor or average, according to new research by UCC Coffee.

The survey of 1,000 UK consumers found that the quality of coffee on offer would influence a leisure travellers’ decision to stay again, with 30% saying they would consider not returning to a hotel which served poor coffee.

Of all hotel types, boutique hotels ranked the lowest for coffee service with 40% of respondents saying the quality of their coffee was very poor.

Guests who chose to stay in B&Bs were the most satisfied with the quality of coffee on offer. They rated the quality of coffee as ‘good’ both at breakfast (41%), in the restaurant (45%) and the bar (44%).

Style of coffee varies with type of hotel 

With a range of different styles of coffee on offer, the most popular coffee for travellers varied depending on the type of hotel:

  • B&B – cappuccino (32.1%)
  • Budget hotel – latte (35.4%)
  • Mid-range hotel – latte (29.3%)
  • Boutique hotel – cappuccino (39.4%)
  • Luxury hotel – latte (29.6%)

Phil Smith, category manager, UCC Coffee UK & Ireland, said: “Hotels are missing out on a huge opportunity to drive revenue and customer satisfaction. The quality of coffee in hotel bedrooms is failing consumer expectations.

“These statistics show that the quality of coffee on offer affects people’s perceptions of the quality of the venue as a whole, too. Hotels would benefit from repeat business and profitability if they simply offered better quality, better tasting coffee in bedrooms and other areas of the hotel.”

The results also revealed that consumers are becoming equally savvy about their coffee in hotels as they are on the high street.

A third (30%) of people who stay in boutique hotels say that having a knowledgeable barista would add to their dining experience, while five out of 10 diners in boutique hotels would consider ordering a coffee rather than a dessert with a meal.

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