Castelan Commercial Services are really setting the standards with innovative restoration ideas that are designed to extend the life of your fixed assets.

We caught up with Rob Jackson, from Castelan Commercial Services to ask what have been the key drivers to Castelan’s success in hospitality restoration after Covid.

Rob says that, during the pandemic, the Board at Castelan Group made a decision that would push the company to the forefront of the industry and change our service offering permanently. That decision is today paying dividends.

When many other companies were closing the doors – in some instances permanently – Castelan made a decision to invest and spend on new machinery and infrastructure in order to implement new services to support our Key Workers and Social Housing clients and, although risky, this decision ensured the survival of the division.

Rob says “what company spends in a pandemic?” Castelan did and I have to take my hat off to our Board, they supported our Commercial Division many projects across the UK- helping our hotel clients and working tirelessly together to provide cover in social care with the following services –
1) Carpet/hard floor cleaning
2) Upholstery cleaning
3) Bath tub restoration
4) Re-Upholstery service
5) Environmental cleaning

“We expanded our cleaning services to include carpet & upholstery cleaning, re-upholstery services, mattress cleaning, bedroom deep cleaning (environmental) and bath tub restoration. Not only did we offer greener, safer cleaning products, but we found we were really effective at doing the work -and being competitive at doing this was a bonus.

Rob says, “One thing I’m proud of, and I know the Management and Board are also proud of, is that we didn’t make a single person redundant during the pandemic, we actually expanded, and that’s testament to all who worked through the pandemic. Supporting key workers and social housing projects across the UK to ensure our company survived, we diversified and showed how innovative we are as a company, nothing is too much trouble and our clients know we are there to help”.

If you need any assistance with the restoration of your fixed assets or have any questions around restoration ideas, please contact Rob Jackson who will be happy to help.

M 07787 847 353 or T 0330 024 0433