How To Decide Which EPOS Is Right For Your Hotel Restaurant

Some of the finest dining in the UK now takes place in hotels, and food and beverage is a huge contributor to any hotel business.

But which hotel EPOS software should you choose?

Aloha by NFS is the dedicated hotel EPOS software that offers tight control over restaurant operations – and helps create an amazing customer experience that encourages repeat business.

Aloha is the proven enterprise-level EPOS for multi-site management without duplicating head-office roles.

Web reporting provides a real-time online view of your hotel restaurant operations wherever you are, and it includes powerful stock and labour management solutions. Aloha also allows effortless charging of F&B to guests’ rooms, and integrates with your hotel revenue reporting platform.

Serving staff at hotel restaurants use handheld Pulse devices or tablets to relay orders direct to the kitchen from tableside.

Aloha hotel EPOS software, with its rapid ROI, is helping to provide hotels with that competitive edge to win diners, to control multi-site operations and costs, and to deliver an outstanding guest experience.

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