How To Make More Money With Mocktails

The UK drinks market is seeing a significant increase in demand for alcohol-free beverages. Recent reports from the Office for National Statistics showed that the number of adults who said they drank alcohol is at the lowest level ever recorded, with 21% claiming to be completely teetotal.

Non-alcoholic cocktails popularity

It’s no surprise that the alcohol-free industry is growing exponentially to capitalise on this trend. Today, the public are much more aware of health risks involved with excessive drinking and are typically far more body and fitness conscious. The menu of alcohol-free cocktails — popularly called ‘mocktails’ — has increased considerably from the Shirley Temples of years ago and is now a lucrative and creative industry of its own. So, what does this mean for your business?

Who is drinking mocktails?

The term ‘mocktail’ was apparently coined in the 1970s, but the non-alcoholic cocktail trend has only really taken off in the past few years. Here are the customers you need to target to get maximum profit from your non-alcoholic cocktail sales:

People with alcohol allergies or those on health kicks and diets; alcohol-free drinks give these consumers a way to socialise and not veer from their fitness regime.

People who are driving; less people are legally able to consume alcohol.

People who want to look like they’re drinking alcohol and avoid questions; the mocktail illusion helps people join in the camaraderie atmosphere of a bar and avoid drinking alcohol without noticeably abstaining.

People who want something different; mocktails offer a creative alternative to cola, lemonade and orange juice.

People bringing families; non-alcoholic cocktails are fun and colourful, which makes them a popular treat for children.

Maximising your mocktail sales

Mocktails sell at a much higher price than soft drinks and juices. The key is to think about your pour cost and research your competition — who is already selling mocktails, at what price, and how are they making them. Remember that mocktails are non-alcoholic alternatives people choose to cut alcohol, not flavour. Therefore, you should mimic popular cocktail recipes, such as mojitos and margaritas, and avoid letting sugar dictate your mocktail menu.

Another way to maximise your earning potential is to be creative. Make sure to offer your customers a non-alcoholic cocktail that they can’t get elsewhere and include mocktails that are child-friendly. As we discussed, mocktails are an acceptable drink for kids, so try to create a theme that depicts popular cartoons or book characters to attract this demographic. Advertise your selection on your ‘Specials’ board and give your selection of mocktails its own section in your drinks menu for optimum promotion.

A final tactic to a healthy mocktail profit is considering presentation. Alcoholic cocktails are inherently attractive, so you should ensure that your establishment has a variety of drinks serving sets to embellish your mocktails.

The mocktail trend is on the rise, so don’t let your company get left behind. But remember; using fresh ingredients, making syrups, and experimenting with recipes takes time, money and resources. Make sure you factor this into your overall costs when devising price lists.