By Tom Berresford, Managing Director, Bermar. Bermar are manufacturers of the world’s leading professional wine & Champagne preservation systems; Le Verre de Vin+ & PODBAR+.

In these troubling times we find ourselves speaking with operators around the world who are looking to make the very most of a testing situation. Talking of profit may be a repetitive subject but making sure your venue earns more from each customer has never been so important. Maximising the drinks spend of your customers in the world of wine & Champagne is a great place to start.

Today’s consumer

Over the past year or two the nation has seen a health kick like no other, consumers have woken up drinking less, but better.

Drinking better means providing premium options and this is a factor that operators are wary of. Providing premium is something that many operators have historically steered away from, purely for the fear of losing profit through spoiled product. However, there are an ever increasing number of operators who have taken the leap into premiumisation and they’re reaping the rewards. A premium wine experience is key to success with 56% of consumers willing to pay extra for a better-quality drink Today’s consumer has changed the way they view wine for good! With wine being the UK’s favourite drink according to YouGov (a survey of 2000 consumers showed that 81% of adults had chosen to drink wine as their alcoholic beverage of choice in 2019. Compared to 71% who said they would choose beer or spirits.), operators have the chance to take their wine list to the next level, making premium options accessible to their curious consumers.

Promote key wines

There are some simple ways to highlight and promote key wines to draw customers in. Examples include wine of the month, vineyard special and the most popular… food and wine pairings. Food and wine pairings make wine choices simple for guests, they create ‘up-sell’ opportunities and encourage consumers to try different, new wines from the list. By assisting the consumer, not only is their wine knowledge broadened but their dining experience is enriched and enhanced. An ‘experience’ is what 65% of adults say they would rather spend money on over possessions with an even larger 72% of millennials inclined to spend money on an experience.

Opportunities to match wines to dishes is something that should be celebrated and promoted in any great establishment.

Are you on Instagram?

Word on the street is that if it’s not Instagrammable it doesn’t count! You’ll have seen the numerous flashings of mobile phones in restaurants as customers snap a picture before taking a sip or cutting through the ‘melt in the middle’ chocolate pudding. With 69% of millennials taking a photo of their meal and experience before eating, operators need to tap into the aesthetics of their offerings. Taking your own pictures of wine and food pairings for your business will educate your customers whilst informing them of your brand. Instagram is a great way to upload your latest wine and perhaps incentivize a trade up amongst followers. Consumers that want to drink less but drink better will also be drawn in by the dining experience on show. Dining out is not just a simple stop gap between home cooked meals, it is now an experience that is to be celebrated and shared.

Wine by the glass

Have you got the right tools for the job? Selling wine by the glass isn’t always easy, but simply put, it just needs a sustainable preservation solution. By having preservation in place, your wine by the glass list can increase the business’s profits and delight customers with ever-changing options.

Next you need to think about enticing customers. Make sure you add new wines to your list to keep customers excited about new tastes on offer. Try an orange wine on the menu and get people talking about this mysterious beauty that graces your menu. Why not add a new sparkling wine or Champagne to the list, or an English sparkling wine by the glass? This wine has not only been seen trending for its brilliant recent harvests but also for its unique mineral freshness. English sparkling wine is a great promoter for goods produced in closer to home – a growing, sustainability driven trend. A new trend hitting the hospitality world is the Champagne cocktail! These cocktails were quite literally a thing of the past, but now they are back with vengeance. Customers crave a fresh tasting fizz in their cocktails, and this can only be attained by using great quality Champagne. A premium wine or Champagne cocktail also makes consumers more likely to order this option for the Instagrammability effect.

Draw in the consumers that crave change, that crave new ideas and are craving a new taste for premium. The consumer experience is key, and we have the keys to your success. For more information visit: