How To Maximise Your Property To Provide Unique Guest Facilities

A great way to maximise income is to leverage every nook and cranny of your property. Many period properties boast under exploited basements, attics and space under the staircase. Or even adjoining outbuildings. With a little imagination, proper planning and designing, plus the right products, any underutilised space can be converted into additional facilities.
For that cupboard under the stairs, consider a WC for guests to use upon arrival. For the average cellar and attic, it’s almost always possible to add an en-suite bedroom. And if you have a large basement or loft, there’s always the option of adding a completely self-contained unit complete with a bathroom and a kitchen.

But how, you might ask, when the mains drains are out of reach?
Saniflo can usually help. With the widest range of macerators and pumps on the market that are specifically designed to remove waste water away from multiple appliances through small bore pipework they are often the enabler of such projects given water can’t travel upwards. They can also save the time, effort and cost associated with digging up – often concrete – floors to lay new pipes.

The first step is to consult your local plumbing merchant or kitchen and bathroom retailer and share your conversion idea. They will be able to advise on the best Saniflo solution for your project. If in any doubt, Saniflo’s highly experienced technical team can provide help and knowhow over the phone. The next step is to work with a plumber to identify the route to the mains drains and the best place for the installation – bearing in mind ways to conceal the units to enhance the rooms aesthetics –in a cupboard, behind a panel or even under the floorboards. Once the unit has been fitted and connected up, you’re on your way to earn more money from unused spaces.

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