Castelan Commercial Services are now the ‘go to’ Company for Bath Tub Restoration work. They cover the whole of the UK and use modern day innovative techniques to achieve results not seen before within the Hospitality Industry that will extend the life of your fixed assets.

The issues that draw the guest’s attention and cause negative feedback (via reviews and online websites such as Trip Adviser) are:
• Peeling or dirty Bath Tubs/Shower Trays,
• Moldy Silicone/Grout
• Dirty Carpets/Upholstery

These areas are what draws the guest’s eye when they arrive in the bedroom and experience where they will be living for the duration of their stay. Hoteliers, for many years, have struggled to maintain these – especially the Bath Tub anti slip area which gets soiled or goes a very dark colour which looks unsightly and that, along with enamel chips and rust, catches the eye of the guest.

Hoteliers then turned to restoration companies to rectify the issue and were, for many years, advised to repaint the bath tubs. However this brings its own issues – such as peeling and the yellowing of the paint. It worked, but was a temporary solution, as often the paint starts to peel off making the bath tub look awful. Castelan do not paint any baths, as, in reality, this is masking over the problem and not actually resolving the problem beneath.

But with new found technology, Castelan can strip off that paint and, in most cases, restore that bath to above 85%-95% improvement (we all know if you are looking for 100% improvement that means buying a new bath tub) but our job as a Restoration Asset Management Provider is to keep the fixed asset in situ for as long as possible and extend the life of that asset to perhaps two, three or four times the original capex expectation and this is what Castelan can do – SO NO MORE PEELING TUBS.

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