Increased Costs And Recruitment Concern For Foodservice Operators Says Report

 BidFoodIndustry experts UKHospitality and Bidfood have released their Foodservice management report outlining key challenges and opportunities for the sector.

While nutrition, healthy eating and sustainability are all recognised as ‘driving forces’ in an ‘increasingly diverse’ food service management sector; employers expressed concerns regardingtheir ability to hire workers and product availability following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

The report revealed that more than 90% of FSM clients consider health and nutrition an ‘important or critically important’ issue.

A further 90%+ of businesses surveyed had a workforce that was over 50% female.

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UKHospitality, said: “The foodservice management sector is a crucial element of the UK’s hospitality industry. The sector is buzzing with dynamic and talented leaders and we are very pleased to represent them. This report underlines the importance and vibrancy of the sector as well as the opportunities and challenges it faces.

“FSM businesses, like their high street cousins, innovate and provide much-needed investment around the UK. They are no less important than our pub, bar and hotel sectors, and UKHospitality will be using this report to ensure they are supported by government.”

Sarah Whiddett, head of insight and customer experience at Bidfood, added: “We are very heartened to read that the foodservice industry is in a strong and resilient state of health this year.

“The report highlights that there are key trends working in our favour and opportunities for us all work closer together, to secure growth and further development for our sector”.