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Increasing Customer & Staff Loyalty In One Easy Step

Repeat custom & Staff Retention Starts With Great Training

Times are tough and businesses are constantly looking for new areas in which they can save money. Retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones so customer loyalty is vital to profits. How can you encourage customers to stay for another pint? Simple, by ensuring it’s the best pint they’ve ever had! How do you do this? By ensuring staff are fully trained and reaching their potential. Investing if your staff will also have a knock on affect on staff retention. If staff feel valued, they are less likely to leave. So customer loyalty and staff loyalty are inextricably linked.

This is something Chemisphere UK are very aware of and is one of many reasons behind the opening of their brand new Training Academy at their Trafford Park head office. The unique facility brings together classroom training with real hands-on practical training in their purpose-built fully operational training cellar. This set-up means delegates can learn all the theory and then put it into practice immediately – honing their skills until they get it right.

“It is a widely held belief within the industry that quality standards could be, and should be, higher. We have always believed and supported this” said Linda Adamson, Marketing Manager at Chemisphere.

Chemisphere is primarily a manufacturer and supplier of detergents for beer line cleaning and ware-washing and over the years has become increasingly aware of worryingly low industry quality standards. This is where the idea of the training academy was born. Now up and running and welcoming delegates on a wide range of courses, the academy is helping to raise quality standards across the industry.

The training academy and the wide range of courses it offers is led by brewing industry luminary Allan Stevenson. “What Allan doesn’t know about beer, beer quality and the industry as a whole, isn’t worth knowing!” said Linda Adamson. Allan added “My background in quality training and being one of only a handful of International Draught Masters in the world means we are offering the highest standard of training by an accredited trainer.

Delivering the perfect pint starts with immaculately clean beer lines and glassware – and that’s where Chemisphere feel they can really make a difference. They are so committed to the industry’s mission that they are slashing the prices of their courses for the first 12 months to make them accessible to everyone and encourage as many companies as possible to educate themselves correctly. They want this to be ‘the year of the beer’ and are doing all they can to spread the word.

They offer a wide variety of training courses, from one hour Perfect Pint courses to day-long Masterglass courses for technicians and quality teams – there is a course for everyone from as little as £10 per person*. They also have the knowledge and flexibility to create bespoke training courses to meet your unique needs – either at the Training Academy or at your premises.

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*based on maximum number of delegates being booked on course