Independent Hotel Show Awards Now Open For Nominations

The Independent Hotel Show 2019 will celebrate the luxury boutique hotel sector’s most pioneering, independently spirited hoteliers and the most innovative, dynamic hotels with its Independent Hotelier and Hotel Innovation Awards. A third award, GM of the Future created in partnership with the Master Innholders, will recognise individuals whose potential to fulfil the role of a hotel general manager or equivalent leadership role, shines bright.

The Independent Hotelier Award recognises an excellent hotelier with a reputation for pushing boundaries and creating exceptional guest experiences. The winner will be someone committed to the development of their team, the success of the establishment and the industry at large.

The Hotel Innovation Award showcases an independently spirited hotel that has made a significant impact on the industry through dynamic approaches to reshape the guest experience.

The two above awards will be judged by a panel of top hoteliers and hospitality experts, as well as the hotelier community.

The GM of the Future Award will be presented to an individual who shows promise to fulfil the role of a Hotel GM (or equivalent) in the future. The award has been created in partnership with the Master Innholders to recognise individuals from independently spirited hotels in the UK for their personal and professional development in the hotel industry, their ‘extra mile’ attitude and commitment to becoming a future leader to inspire others.

This award will be judged by the Master Innholders and nominations must include an endorsement from a line manager.

If you believe someone deserves to be awarded for their contribution to the industry, their creativity or future leader potential, please look at the procedure here and nominate by 21 June. Self-nominations are accepted.

The winners will be announced in the awards ceremony at 6pm on the first day of the Independent Hotel Show on Tuesday 15 October.