A first-of-its-kind suite of smart tech solutions has been launched by Contrac IT to help businesses in the hospitality industry protect their workforce and customers in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Utilising technology most often seen in acute healthcare settings, the THOR UVC® terminal cleaning device kills viruses quickly and efficiently.The remotely operated system uses ultraviolet to decontaminate both the air and surfaces in a room, killing 99.9999% of pathogens.An entire room is cleaned in minutes and the network-connected system provides certification. Nanoclave cabinets use the same UV technology to clean smaller items such as menus, remote controls, equipment or uniforms.

To ensure social distancing is maintained within the workplace, Contrac IT has also worked with partners to bring together a range of wearable tech. Available as a lanyard, wristband or vest, the technology alerts the wearer when they get too close to a colleague.

A third piece of technology can monitor people as they enter premises with thermal imaging cameras, detecting any- one experiencing a higher than normal temperature.

All the devices, which are GDPR com- pliant, can be monitored by Contrac IT to enable corrective action.

For more information: www.contracfm.com/covid-response / info@contracfm.com