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Insurance in the Good Times, Insurance in the Bad Times

Independent hospitality businesses play a vital role in the local community across the nation by creating jobs and providing access to essential products and services. When times are bad the last cutback you want to make is your insurance cover, it is the equivalent of throwing parachutes out of a plane to reduce the weight, or throwing life vests out of a ship taking on water to stop it from sinking. In the modern day, insurance is the only truly effective method of mitigating risk.

With over 32 years of experience protecting the hospitality sector, Forum Insurance understands that the key to achieving long-term success is having your business run smoothly and preparing for any unforeseen incidents. Insurance is designed to do exactly that, protect your livelihood, your assets and your customers – paying the way for your business to truly grow.

Why Forum Insurance?
Over 3 decades we have developed longstanding relationships with insurers and a wealth of insurance broking experience in this sector. We have the access and expertise to provide your business with advice, tailored insurance covers, and competitive premiums. For the most part, we have had great success in understanding our client’s needs, mitigating the risks involved and when they have a claim, getting them back on their feet with our in-house claims handling process. We understand that if we look after our clients, our clients will look after us.

Whether you’ve just started your business and are unsure which insurance covers would be beneficial for you, or you’re an experienced business looking for a free insurance review, request a call back using our website or call 0208 909 2899 and our friendly team will be able to help you.

Don’t just take our word for it, we have achieved a 97% satisfaction rate with our clients because we ensure they have the correct cover at a competitive price.