Bringing the next level tech entertainment into your pub/social club/holiday park offering is a sure-fire way to improve your revenue streams

But while that may sound straightforward common sense, it isn’t necessarily that clear cut. The level of revenue generated depends very much on the type of entertainment on offer. As a publican (or indeed holiday park operator), what options are out there for you when it comes to your entertainment tech and how you will interact with your customers!

When it comes to offering entertainment you need a interactive product, that will give you the option to react and interact with your audience

So what other things can be done to make you truly stand out?

Well, a Pub Quiz Night is a prime opportunity to attract a crowd. And not just a brief crowd either. Spreading your quiz over multiple rounds keeps participants inside your venue for the long haul. Try to pick a non-football night for maximum draw. And when it comes to quizzing, our pub entertainment system, The Entertainer, does all the hard work for you, creating a balanced quiz (while our Pronto app can deliver an interactive quiz, using speed quizzing to prevent cheating!), with no need for lengthy swotting from your team to pull together the questions, or to select the tunes for the music round.

Music has always been a great way of ‘getting the party started’ whether you use playlists or you’re a budding DJ, up to date music having the ability to search thousands of tracks at your fingertips, giving you freedom to get the mood right.

The Entertainer acts as a de facto karaoke machine, providing fully orchestrated modern and classic karaoke tracks supplied by the market leader of karaoke tracks.

Race nights? I hear you say! The Entertainer allows you to screen races – be that pub that has horse/pig/afghan/trotting racing. These can provide great pub fund raiser opportunities as people bet on the outcome, with any lost money going to charity.

How to maximise revenue , you can even advertise via the Entertainer to promote your various entertainment nights during pub games, or you can even involve local businesses and services , using our online advert system you can add coat of arms , or your branding from the beach or the office (I would prefer the beach option) So whether you’re looking for holiday park entertainment, social club entertainment, or good old pub entertainment – The Entertainer ticks all the boxes, providing easily accessible, all-in-one entertainment for any revenue savvy publican.