Four-star luxury hotel group Cedar Court has sites located across Yorkshire. At the beginning of the pandemic the group’s managing director, Wayne Topley, was looking to find new solutions to protect customers and staff against COVID-19, while also improving the cleaning regime for over 500 bedrooms and reducing environmental impact. Topley approached Spectrum Cleaning Solutions to find out what could be done.

Jo Thompson, Spectrum’s MD, introduced Cedar to the sustainable range of Toucan Eco products, which produce an effective disinfectant cleaner from tap water, normal salt and electrochemical activation.
She explained: “Toucan Eco removes the need for the majority of your synthetical cleaning chemicals, along with the plastic bottles these solutions are supplied in, replacing them with a powerful, safe and non-toxic solution that’s certified to EN 14476 and EN 16777 for viruses and EN 1276 and EN 13697 for bacteria.

“It’s been great to provide the cleaning teams at Cedar Court with such an effective solution as Toucan Eco. During the early stages of the pandemic, when surface sanitisers were in short supply, Cedar Court’s investment really paid dividends, especially as they didn’t need to rely on a stretched supply chain – they could simply make their own disinfectant cleaner on-site and on demand.”

The hotel group installed one of two models, Toucan Eco Active or Toucan Eco Active Plus, at each site depending on individual site requirements. Toucan Eco Active makes 10 litres in 15 minutes, while Toucan Eco Active Plus comes with spray bottle and hose dispensing system and takes 45 minutes to make 20 litres from the spray dispenser and 30 litres from the hose dispenser.

Wayne Topley said: “I truly believe Toucan Eco is the future of eco-friendly cleaning. It’s so simple to use, effective and it’s led by science – it really is a new way of working. Over the last 12 months our cleaning chemical costs have reduced by 75% and the initial investment has already been returned. More importantly though, I know my teams are using a safe and effective sustainable product in all areas of the business.”

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