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Introducing Bareksten – A Premium Range Of Award-Winning Spirits From The Dark Norwegian Forests

Bareksten has bottled the essence of Norway, in both taste and character – dark, wild, breath-taking and dramatic. Developed with the finest ingredients and exceptional flavours, the hero product in this range of spirits; Bareksten Botanical Gin (46% ABV) is a smooth potato based botanical gin, a super-premium, versatile spirit, making it a distinctive addition to any bar’s gin line-up. Featuring 26 botanicals, 19 of which are found locally, the exquisite black bottle hints at the deep, dark forests where the majority of the botanicals are sourced.

Norway is renowned for the best quality berries in the world; juniper, blueberries and lingonberries are selected for their depth of taste and aroma. Whilst herbs sourced from amongst the pine trees add dense dark undertones of the forest floor. Produced at the Oss Craft Distillery in Bergen, Bareksten Botanical Gin tastes exactly as you would expect it to – of the Norwegian forest. The nose is vibrant and inviting with clear notes of fresh pine intertwined with enticing spiced undertones.  For a perfect serve, a classic Bareksten Botanical Gin & Tonic is best served with cherry tomatoes to fully appreciate the botanical flavours.

The Bareksten Spirits collection also includes Navy Strength Gin, Old Tom Gin, Double Gin, Illsint Absint and the Scandinavian favourite, Botanical Aquavit. Bareksten Botanical Gin was awarded Gold in the Gin category at The London Spirits Competition in 2022.

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Stig & Tonic

• 35ml Bareksten Botanical Gin
• Premium Tonic Water
• 2 Cherry tomatoes halved
• Coriander leaves

• Pour Bareksten Botanical Gin in a glass full of ice cubes.
• Top up with premium tonic water and garnish with halved
cherry tomatoes and coriander leaves.