Introducing Katana Saya, a brand-new premium knife range by Grunwerg. Available in Pakkawood and Olive Wood, the scope of the Katana Saya range is to blend culinary traditions from both Europe and Japan.

The ‘Katana’ was the prized sword of the Japanese Samurai with its extra sharp blade fashioned from folded Damascus Steel. It was traditionally always protected inside a Sheath, or Saya.

Our individual knives come in a deluxe gift box, complete with their own Saya or ‘Sheath’ to protect the blade. There’s a stylish wooden Saya for the eastern knives and sleek leather Sheath for the western knives.

VG-10 steel is one of the most premium steels in Japanese culinary products. This high-quality stainless steel is hard and unbreakable and can reach a Rockwell hardness rating of up to 63HRC. The exquisite craftmanship in these knives can be seen in the elegant, layered pattern on the blades.

The handles are available in Pakkawood and Olive Wood. The deep black finish of the Pakkawood handles strike a balance between opulence and hard-wearing durability. Lightweight and soft in the hand, the Olive Wood handles offer a more natural look, elegantly balanced against the pattern of the steel.

This collection is a long-awaited range and is a perfect gift for any passionate cooks out there.