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Introducing the UK’s Best Organic Coffee in Convenient Coffee Pods

It takes much work to keep delivering value and an exceptional experience in the world of hospitality. As well as quality, guests want convenience. Increasingly, many want provenance and ethical values. Good coffee is a simple way to give the right first impression. However, serve coffee that’s been awarded the UK’s Best Organic Coffee*, and you’re onto a winner!

Owens Coffees Gara coffee pods stand out for several reasons. The pods feature one of Owens Coffee’s popular house blends: Gara. This specialty-grade coffee is certified organic. Organically grown coffee is produced without nasty chemicals, precious water supplies are recycled, and it prevents deforestation. Just for starters!

At the beginning of 2020, 41% of people agreed that buying organic items was good for sustainability. By July (prompted by the pandemic), this increased to 50%. Eateries spending more than 15% on organic produce are eligible to apply for Soil Association Certification: a USP that can increase footfall and create loyalty from conscious customers.

Gara is also Fairtrade certified, which means fair prices are paid to farmers and farm workers. A Fairtrade Premium is paid on top of this supporting training, business development, assistance for reducing climate change and its impact, and community projects.

A staggering 29,000 coffee pods end up in landfill every month. Owens’ pods are made from 100% aluminium. Aluminium can be easily (and infinitely) recycled and reused – alongside domestic cans, for example – instead of more pods contributing to landfill.

Crafted from arabica specialty-grade coffee beans and medium-roasted, Gara promises a well-balanced, smooth taste to delight coffee aficionados. Guests can indulge in a guilt-free cup, knowing it’s both ethically sourced and exceptional.

Note: pods are compatible with Nespresso® original coffee machines, widely used in the hospitality industry.
*Gara was voted the UK’s Best Organic Coffee at the Soil Association’s BOOM Awards 2019. No other coffee has had this title since those awards at the time of publishing.

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