Invest in the Right POS Solutions to Get You Through Reopening and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen hospitality ventures in particular desperately searching for simple solutions easy to implement with the impending time crunch to address a set of stringent guidelines introduced by the Government. Keen to abide by social distancing rules, business owners are looking for ways to give their customers the peace of mind to continue purchase from their stores in-person and out with many turning to new tech to keep their businesses afloat.

Adopting a bespoke point-of-sale system (POS) is becoming an increasingly popular choice in light of their offering; features to boost performance through faster transactions, expansive data collection and live stock count – an especially useful component to address and respond to unexpected spikes and drops in demand during an unpredictable climate.

Opting for a click & collect service like Goodeats offered by Goodtill has been the perfect example of innovation in the hospitality industry as an answer to COVID-security and beyond with its pivoting feature enabling table ordering solutions when dining-in becomes an option once again. Today, a POS system integrated with a click & collect service has become an essential and is no longer limited to giant retailers but accessible to smaller ventures to help diversify revenue streams. Access to these kinds of value-add services promotes customer loyalty even in trying times.

Many of these systems were initially deemed as temporary solutions to stay in business during the COVID-crises, but the staggering uptake in interest and usage of POS solutions are altering the hospitality sector from the ground up. We now see such software playing a key role within the service industry, providing establishments a stronger offering over their competitors. Businesses that have acquired a click & collect service are well-placed to satisfy potential future restrictions when partnered with contactless payment and pickup alongside a dedicated POS software introducing affordable automation to business operations.
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