, Is Bean-To-Cup The Future?If you’ve always thought automated coffee machine mean high volume, low quality, it’s time to switch on to automation, says Scott Green of JURA UK.

What is automation?

Automatic coffee machines enable establishments to create high quality coffee, at the touch of a button. By contrast, traditional machines, which are mostly operated by professional baristas, require a greater level of skill.

Historically, automatic machines have been associated with quick serve venues that need to produce large volumes of coffee, quickly and conveniently. However, advances in bean-to-cup technology have closed the gap and top-end coffee machines are gathering momentum in the commercial sector, due to their reliability and consistency for producing high-quality coffee, with minimal staff intervention.

How can automation compete with the personal touch/barista?

The speciality coffee industry is growing and no one can underestimate the barista’s role in creating great coffee. However, automatic coffee machines have the edge when it comes to making an equally great-tasting coffee in an instant.

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