Is The KP Of The Year Working In YOUR Kitchen?

Winterhalter offers prizes worth £10k+ in annual awards

The 2017 KP of the Year Awards have been launched and the search is on for the best kitchen porter in the land. The awards are the brainchild of Winterhalter, the market leader in commercial warewashers. Managing director Stephen Kinkead is encouraging entrants from all sectors of the industry. “In previous years we’ve had entries from schools, stadia and snack bars, pubs and prisons, hotels and hospitals, restaurants and residential homes, barracks and banquet caterers… even the Houses of Parliament,” he says. “Everyone’s a winner, as every entrant receives a presentation tin containing a special KP apron.”

The prize fund is valued at over £10,000. The winner receives £1,000 in cash, plus a celebratory meal with friends, there are cash prizes for the runners up, and the winner’s establishment gets a Winterhalter machine.

“We’ve tried to make the prizes really top notch, to reflect the importance we place on the competition,” says Stephen. “What’s really important is the chance to celebrate the enormous contribution KPs make to the catering industry.

“KPs do often get overlooked, which is both sad and mad. Ask any chef and they’ll tell you just how important they are!”

Tom Aikens is one chef who agrees. When asked to imagine a day without a KP he responded, “Hell on earth!” He added: “I think the idea of a KP of the Year competition is a great one. They really are the life and soul of a restaurant.”

To nominate your KP for the awards, visit