, Is Your Business In Trouble?Are Your Creditors Putting You Under Intolerable Pressure ?
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We are Hotel & Pub Rescue Limited, a company that specialises in sorting out business debts by managing your creditors effectively, we guarantee to take the pressure away from yourself completely.

When a business is in trouble it is understandable that any owner has that sense of helplessness alongside the feeling of embarrassment, we also understand that it is difficult to trust anyone and to make that first move in calling an external company for assistance, ‘pride and denial’ always delays the important call to ourselves, which inevitably worsens the situation.

It is human nature to try to ‘get through the day or week or month’ hoping that creditors will fall into line and do as you wish, unfortunately this never happens, when creditors know you are not being represented by a specialist company, they will always go for the maximum amount within the most aggressive, most litigious tactics they can. Creditors have also been known to ignore their clients rights under law and to purposely abuse legal procedures and actions, applying unfair and incorrect pressure alongside giving misleading statements to further increase the pressure you are under.

It is a pointless exercise dealing with creditors without a structured plan that they have faith in. Creditors also rarely trust the business owner to be impartial and truthful about their the true state of the company and its finances, as its understandably not treated as impartial information. All creditors require is true information, that is regularly updated alongside a credible payment plan, providing this is from an independent company like ourselves, they are normally then co-operative.

• We can renegotiate your finance, loan and overdraft agreements with your present lenders
• We can renegotiate your hire purchase and supplier agreements
• We can re-finance existing loans, mortgages and overdrafts with different lenders at better rates
• We can identify all available revenue streams from your business
• We can identify all areas for significant cost savings
• Irrespective of the financial state of your business, we can manage your business in its entirety, (within different arrangements ) maintaining the highest of operational standards and guaranteeing yourself a stable monthly income without any of the pressures you are presently under

Our experience of company rescue in all emergency situations is extensive, we move fast and effectively identifying with speed all credible options and solutions. Our Finance Broker and Legal Associates are noted experts and have delivered successful conclusions for very difficult client situations on numerous occasions

No matter how serious your financial and legal problems are and irrespective of other advisers telling you that your situation has no solution, call us today without delay.

Unlike other professional advisers of different disciplines such as Accountants, Solicitors and Bankers we are specialists in all areas of the Hospitality Industry with an extensive knowledge of what makes a premises work and of what is and is not possible operationally and financially within them. Other professions do not possess this critical knowledge and are therefore, with due respect to them, not in a position to give the correct advice that is necessary.

Hotel & Pub Rescue Limited
We never promise what we cannot deliver, but always deliver what we promise!
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