Jamu Wild Water is on a mission to rewild hydration from the inside-out. The Devon based natural soft drink brand takes inspiration from natures larder and aims to reinvigorate menus and grocery shelves with healthy sparkling drink options.

Their sparkling water range features three delicious flavours – Lemon, Blood Orange, and Raspberry. Each flavour comes bursting with British-grown botanicals and prebiotic fibre to actively support gut-health.

Tahi Grant-Sturgis, Co-ounder of Jamu Wild Water says: “where Jamu differs from other gut-loving beverages such as kombucha and kefir, is that it isn’t fermented, as a result we find a wider following among young people and consumers that find fermented drinks more challenging”.

The subtle sweetness and flavour profile that the new range offers, suggests it will work just as conveniently as a low calorie mixer, offering a refreshing and clean alternative to complement botanical and crafted spirits.

Jamu Wild Water prides itself in its zero policy, that is – zero sugar, artificial additives, preservatives and plastics.

The company is committed to making healthy and sustainable products that give back to nature through their 10% of profits pledge, which supports rewilding projects and serves to enrich the lives of young people through nature-led experiences.

Balancing flavour, wellness benefits, and it’s strong nature-led mission, Jamu is set to bring a premium offering to the ever-increasing healthy and eco-conscious consumer.

Visit www.jamuwildwater.co.uk