Jardines have been creating leathergoods for medium to high end hotels and restaurants for over 30 years.

During that time they have earned a respected reputation for producing quality bespoke Menu Holders, Wine List Covers, Hotel Room Binders etc. They mainly work in leather of varying grades, but also use faux leather and other textiles, such as buckram cloth or even wallpaper to achieve that something special to work with the rest of the décor.

Their client base is mainly in the UK but they do also supply several parts of Europe, the US, and the Far East.

Ray Bott from Jardines says he “enjoys the challenge of bespoke goods”, and explained…..

“When working on bespoke items, it is not always easy to make the designs presented to us without a few adjustments.

Sometimes we need to engage with the designers/owners to talk through how the item can be adjusted, to enable us to arrive at a design that not only has the required look, but functions and is possible to make within the desired budget.”

“Jardines do also make more standard items such as place mats, coasters and desk blotters”. He added.

Ray can be contacted on ray@jardineleathergoods.co.uk or 01932 340919