Karaoke For Cancer Research

stonegate1The Inferno, on Holdenhurst Road, will be hosting a Karaoke and Rock ’n’ Roll Bingo Night in aid of Cancer Research on Thursday 19th July.

The evening will kick off with two rounds of Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo, where customers have to match clips of hit songs played out, to their score cards. Each bingo sheet will cost £2, which will go straight to Cancer Research, and prizes start at £10 of MORE card credit for a winning first line, and go up to £15 for a full house, which can be spent on food and drink in the pub.

Next up is Karaoke, for which Manager Nathaniel Clarke, has specifically selected the best of the best tunes from the 80s, 90s, 00s and now, to get customers feet tapping and itching to get up on stage to sing. Throughout the evening there will also be raffle tickets on sale, giving customers the chance to win a number of exciting prizes.

The event comes as part of Nathaniel’s, participation in the ‘Accelerator Programme’. This is a training course run by managing operator, Stonegate Pub Company, which includes a practical component, organising and producing a fundraiser for a chosen charity.

The programme is designed to give employees the tools to bridge the gap between Deputy Manager and General Manager, through education and dynamic group learning. The course aims to build the participant’s confidence, encourage continued independent learning and help them to work together effectively as team.

For the last five months Nathaniel has been the Holding Manager of the Inferno, although originally intended as a temporary position, he has taken to management like a duck to water. He is now one of only nine Accelerator participants who will progress straight into management positions, upon their graduation.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” said Nathaniel, “I have really enjoyed the opportunity to step up and manage the Inferno and being involved in the Accelerator course at the same time has been unbelievably helpful.

“I have learnt a lot and met a great bunch of people along the way. Being in a group with people who are just as driven to succeed as I am, has allowed us all to challenge each other and improve a huge amount over the last few months.

“I wanted to support Cancer Research as my chosen charity, because the work they do is so important to everyone in the world. I have lost many family members to the disease and statistically, one of my brother or I, will suffer from cancer at some point in our lives – it’s something I just couldn’t ignore.”

Nathaniel is committed to raising at least £500 to support Cancer Research, through events he’s hosting at the Inferno and sponsorship for running a ‘Tough Mudder’ – a 12-mile obstacle course, designed by Special Forces.

Find his Donation Page here: https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/nathanials-giving-page.