Keep It Simple Urges Pub Guide

GPGKeep it simple is the message as Britain’s pubs are urged to “ditch the fancy food” and stick to traditional “grub” such as ploughman’s lunches and bangers and mash. The Good Pub Guide 2019 said pretentious and inaccessible menus were a turn-off for pub-goers.

The 37th edition of the guide published earlier this week claims that customers are “fed up of asking waiters to explain the dish or having to use their mobile phones to decipher menu”

The guide said: “Pubs and good food now go hand in hand, but many chefs appear to have gone Masterchef-mad. We really aren’t interested in eating kabsa, katsuobushi, matbucha, succotash, tataki or verjus in a pub. We don’t want our dishes adorned with carrot fluff, edible sand or fish ‘foam’. Leave that to the swanky restaurants. We want good, honest pub grub.”

Fiona Stapley, the guide’s editor, said: “In the 37 years of the Good Pub Guide’s existence, fancy food fads have come and gone, but what always stands fast is honest cooking using tip-top local, seasonal, ingredients, but ones that we can all recognise.”

The guide also reports that London has regained “top spot” as being the country’s top most expensive place for a pint of beer, which has risen 24p in the past year to £4.44 p per pint, compared to the national average which is £3.69 per pint,

Pub of the year award went to Cock at Hemingford Grey, described as “A first class, pretty pub in a delightful village”.