With up to 85% of customers considering cleanliness as important as the quality of food served a great way of enhancing customer experience is with the use of refreshing and hygienic wipes, says Luke Woodward of Refreshening. Refreshening, a leading supplier here in the UK of the highest quality of individually wrapped cleansing wipes providing an effective and hygienic way for your clients to cleanse & refresh, whether it’s on the move or to freshen up before, during or after they eat.

“Our individually wrapped cleansing wipes are becoming increasingly more popular because they are convenient, time saving and very cost effective. These are used as an alternative to dry paper napkins which are not always suitable and sometimes don`t clean thoroughly.”

“Hygiene and cleanliness are an ever-growing concern within all food service industries from fine dining to street food.

People tend to wash their hands before, during and after meals depending on what food is served and this facility may not always be available or convenient to them.”

“We can offer a variety of different size cleansing wipes and also personalise the outer wrapping for a fantastic marketing tool to promote your brand. Choose from our stock ranges or personalise the outer wrapper for a more personal touch to promote your brand.”

Refreshening is leading the way again by introducing a new unique cleansing wipe material that is actually 100% biodegradable, alcohol free and 100% flushable.

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