Kent Gets its Own ‘Peggy Mitchell’ Landlady in the Form of Kellie Maloney at the 250 Year Old Unicorn Pub, Marden

Kellie Maloney is stepping into her new shoes as a Pub Landlady by re-launching the 250 Year Old Unicorn Pub on the evening of Saturday 6th May 2017 in Marden, Tonbridge, Kent.

Marden is an ideallic village 8 miles south of Maidstone with 4,000 residents, famous for growing apples and hop (used for making beer).

“I am very excited about my new role as a Pub Landlady”, says Maloney. “It’s a quieter life but its also what I’m used to”.

From 1978 to 1992 at the height of a glittering career, which included managing Lennox Lewis to the title of undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, she ran five pubs across the South East, including the Crayford Arms, in Crayford, and one-time pub of the year, The Castle, in Aldgate, London.

Kellie argues she needs something less taxing than the roller-coaster of reality TV or boxing promoting.

“I’ve been out of action for a few years now while I’ve become the real me. I had virtually 3 years in complete isolation prior to completing my journey. But now I’m truly settling into life as the real me”. Kellie completed her gender reassignment surgery last year.

The launch will be less about Kellie’s celebrity friends and more about marking the relaunch of the Unicorn amongst locals, family and friends. “There’s 365 days of the year for everyone else to pay a visit” says Kellie.

Kellie discovered the Unicorn in October 2015 whilst driving through Marden. “I walked into the Unicorn and the place literally grabbed me. I had an instinct to take it on right then and there. I felt like a mother adopting a child that needed love and attention.”

And running the Unicorn is going to become a proper family affair. All of Kellie’s daughters will be helping, while her granddaughter Robyn, 21 years, will be working at the Unicorn fulltime.

The Unicorn has gone through £250,000 worth of renovations. “Its £250,000 for 250 years,” says Kellie.

“The Unicorn hasn’t had a face-lift for 15 years,” says Maloney.

Kellie Maloney went through a massive renovation herself, including speech therapy, costing £100,000.

Over 200 guests are expected to descend on Marden in Tonbridge, Kent on May 6th for the re-launch of the Unicorn pub.

Kellie has long been a vocal supporter of the pub trade.

She says: “I think pubs are the centre of many villages and towns and there are far too many closing down”.

“Not only is this ripping the heart out of communities but many local people are losing their jobs,” she says.

Kellie purchased the pub on April 4th 2017. Renovators have been working at break neck to complete it for the opening night of 6th May 2017.

As well as working as a Landlady, Kellie is active in promoting awareness and the rights of Britain ‘s transgender community.