Kris Brearley Celebrates 25 Years Service!

9th June 2017 marked 25 years at R H Hall for Kris Brearley – our long serving Sales Director.

Celebrations got underway as Managing Director Ray Hall presented Kris with a number of gifts, including a personalised cake, long service award and a number of nostalgic items representing Kris’ history with the business. The senior management team then joined Kris for a surprise celebratory meal, with further celebrations planned throughout the year!

Kris’ history with the business really dates back to 1987, starting with a part time role at just 17 years of age! After showing some excellent promise, Kris was taken on full time in 1988. Sadly, it seemed that his time with company was to be short-lived, with Kris leaving R H Hall in 1990 to start a landscape gardening venture with his best friend. However, in 1992 Kris returned to the business with a role in the Commercial Sales team, further developing the company’s recent expansion into the Catering Equipment market.

Over the next few years, Kris continued to develop with the business and in 1997 was deservedly appointed Sales Director, dedicating most of his working life to the company and becoming an integral part of the increase of business turnover from £1M to £13M+ today. A true Boy to Man story!

Ray Hall spoke of his relationship with his co-director, “Kris is reliable, dependable, honest, thoughtful and always conducts his work ethic with integrity. He is an achiever, passionate, caring, involved, well liked and very well respected. He has been a real rock for the business over the years and I’m proud to say a really great friend also. We have had so many exciting, interesting, fun, testing and progressive times together – and whilst we have had to sort out many business issues along the way, we have always been able to move things forward in a positive direction. Kris has been a fantastic ambassador for R H Hall and I sincerely thank him for his 100% dedication to the business.”

Also working extremely closely with Kris over the years, Duncan Vipas – Sales & Purchasing Manager – shared his thoughts, “Kris is to thank for my career with R H Hall – 18 years ago I applied for a role within the Spares department, but Kris saw a better potential for me within the Sales Team and we started what has been a dynamic partnership! Not just a colleague, but also someone I’m privileged to call a friend – he has an infectious personality and when the work is done we frequently grab a cheeky cider, discuss our passion for Watford FC and have a great laugh. Kris’ colleagues and peers all know the recent journey he has been on and he has shown the same inspirational strength and positivity in getting over his ill health as he does when trying to get a sale! I have learnt so much from Kris over the years and am looking forward to working together for many more years to come.”

We hope that you will join all of us at R H Hall in congratulating Kris on a motivational 25 years to date – and wish him even more success for many years ahead.