The Gaggia Milano brand is synonymous with espresso. Since Achille Gaggia’s revolutionary invention in 1938 – espresso with natural crema – the continuous search for excellence has remained our mission.

Since then, Gaggia Milano has offered a range of coffee machines that combine state of the art technology with sophisticated design.

Having recently launched La Reale, Gaggia Milano’s first traditional coffee machine for the professional market in the UK, we are now delighted to introduce La Giusta to the UK.

As with the entire Gaggia professional range, La Giusta is beautifully designed and constructed. From the subtly back-lit logo, to the glass console and polished surfaces, La Giusta continues to evoke the classic elegance of this historic brand.

As ever, a stylish design doesn’t overshadow the practical benefits – La Giusta has been designed with baristas in mind and offers an ergonomic and functional layout and will satisfy the needs of the most discerning barista.

Its design, combined with a compact footprint means that La Giusta will comfortably find a home in any hotel, restaurant or café.

Evoca is home to a number of great coffee machine brands and Gaggia Milano’s beautiful and timeless products encompass a range of machines that spread the tradition of Italian Espresso around the world.

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