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Lamb Weston’s REALLY Crunchy Fries Achieve ‘Approved Product’ Status from The Craft Guild of Chefs

Lamb Weston’s exciting, innovative REALLY Crispy Fries have received the ‘Approved Product’ accolade, winning top marks with a rare A grade across all three varieties.

A panel of highly regarded industry chefs, appointed by the Craft Guild, rigorously tested the products to determine suitability, quality and product excellence.

Lamb Weston created REALLY Crunchy Fries to satisfy demand for unique sensory dining experiences and sustainably-minded quality ingredients.

These ground-breaking coated fries promise unbeatable long-lasting crunch sensation, staying hot in excess of 30 minutes, setting new benchmarks for takeaway and home delivery channels.

Research and sales date across 10 years show diners love the look, taste and heat-holding benefits of coated fries, perceiving a rough or uneven outer texture as more artisanal/hand-crafted. Lamb Weston combined this insight with data from chefs and guests that revealed the most important attributes in choosing a high-quality frozen fry are real potato taste, high level of crispiness and long-lasting crunchiness.*

All the chefs were extremely impressed with the quality, flavour and crunchiness, scoring REALLY Crunchy Fries top marks for feeling indulgent.

“They were right up there, I could not say that there was a better fry on the market at present.”
“Savoury, rich flavour.”

“Best fry I have had that fries and bakes.. the long-lasting crispness is very unique, adds a great dimension to the fry.”

Lamb Weston’s UK Marketing Manager, Pete Evans, says: “We set out to create the crunchiest fry ever, and with REALLY Crunchy Fries we’ve cracked it! This is a new, exciting product, uniquely different in appearance and mouthfeel, offering an unbeatable fry experience for diners and an unbeatable product solution for forward-thinking foodservice operators.”

REALLY Crunchy Fries are available in 9x9mm skin-on, and 6x6mm and 9x9mm skin-off options.
*Windsor Edge Research, QSR and CDR operators, 2021