Lancashire Supplier Brings Edible Print to the Food Service Market Food Service from Eat My Logo Launches

Established UK based bakery business Eat My Logo has set its sights on the UK foodservice industry after high demand for their products in 2021. The company specialises in bespoke fully finished cake, biscuit and chocolate products, all printed with company branding or themed images.

The award-winning business has supplied bespoke products to UK businesses big and small since 2014. Work has now been carried out with some key catering and hospitality businesses to bring new and exciting options to market.

There has been demand for bakery treats decorated with a company logo or themed image for several years, with catering businesses looking to offer their clients unique products for celebrations, staff engagement, awareness days, and events.

The businesses core range includes frosted cupcakes, biscuits, brownies along with more unique options such as cake jars and cake pops. Also available is a range of printed toppers, for use by chefs on their own creations. As part of their launch, the business has developed a website and brochures for industry professionals from chefs to buyers and business owners.

Business Development Manager Daniel Clarke commented that ‘having spoken to dozens of catering and hospitality businesses we know that time, staff and resources can be a limitation at times, so we’re offering an easy way to provide themed or logo branded solutions at the right price for end-clients. Offering themed or branded solutions can make all the difference to your client’s event, awareness day, celebration or reward’, and could enhance your proposition and generate additional revenues.’

Eat My Logo is an innovative supplier of sweet treats, decorated with a themed image or company Logos. Established in 2014, we work with catering and hospitality businesses to offer their clients unique products for celebrations, staff engagement, events and conferences. We specialise in irresistible cakes, biscuits and chocolates.

Contact: Eat My Logo Limited
Phone: 01772 273137