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Leaders In Off-Mains Drainage Waste Water Treatment Systems

Advanced Aeration, more widely known as Bio-Bubble have been designing, installing and maintaining one of the most environmentally friendly advanced wastewater treatment systems on the market for over 25 years. Carbon footprint reduction stems from a far less than typical Sludge production which directly cuts back on the number of expensive tanker movements required by other systems.

Each system is specifically designed to meet the individual needs of the customer, ensuring that the tightest consent limitations imposed by National and European legislation are met, the process can achieve <10 mg/l BOD : 15 mg/l SS : <1 Nh3 -N.

For commercial businesses producing wastewater with high organic strengths found in the food and drinks industries, the Bio-Bubble SBR can operate with dramatic peaks and troughs in loading whilst still producing over 99% reductions in BOD levels between the raw waste product and the final effluent discharged. Some clients have seen significant reductions in their waste charges discharging to Mains by biologically processing their own waste before discharge to the mains network. A water company will calculate waste charges using the Mogden Formula, having dramatically reduced the pollutant load the charge will be less.

For further information please call 023 9220 0669 or visit www.bio-bubble.com

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