Leading Hospitality Brands Launching Digital Loyalty Schemes In The Midst Of The Pandemic

Major hospitality brands including Notes Coffee, Chucs Restaurants & Cafes,The Gentlemen Baristas,Yangtze Noodles (part of Chopstix Group) and Thunderbird Fried Chicken have signed up to the Embargo App loyalty platform in response to the challenges which the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our sector.

Embargo allows coffee shops, restaurants and bars launch their digital loyalty card within one day, providing them with a COVID-safe and fully contactless solution focused on boosting repeat business from local customers. Furthermore, Embargo’s CRM system helps venues identify their key customers and communicate with them via multiple channels like push messages and e-mails.

Notes Coffee,The Gentlemen Baristas,Yangtze Noodles and Chucs Restaurants are only a few names among the hundreds of brands that have joined the plat- form during the COVID-19 pandemic – replacing paper stamp cards or choosing Embargo over building their own branded apps.

CEO of Notes Coffee, Rob Robinson embraces that change was inevitable in the current cli- mate: “We’ve always had a paper stamp card but with the drive for a contactless customer journey, going digital was a no-brainer.

From all the solutions we have researched Embargo definitely stood out – quick and simple to use, impressive brand recognition and a personal service ready to respond to the rapid demand that COVID19 brings.”

Visit www.embargoapp.com