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Licensed Trade Charity Providing Support And Advice On Stress During Mental Health Awareness Week

Licensed Trace CharityAs Mental Health Awareness Week raises the prominent issue of stress in the workplace, the Licensed Trade Charity is highlighting the ways it helps pub operators and their teams to deal with the issue. With three in four Britons admitting to being so stressed that they have felt unable to cope at least once over the last year, and a third saying it has left them feeling suicidal, the charity for pub and bar people has issued a reminder that help is at hand through its free helpline, counselling service and useful online support.

Research commissioned by the Licensed Trace Charity to look at what the main personal problems faced in the pub and bar sector are, found work based-stress and anxiety to be the two biggest, whilst major depression and hazardous drinking are also being faced by some.

Head of Charity Services Carolyn Jenkinson said: “We offer a range of support services for pub and bar people who need help, and with mental health being a growing area of concern we encourage anyone working in a pub or bar who is worried about their situation to open up and call our free 24/7 confidential helpline”.

Where needed, callers can make use of up to six free telephone counselling sessions. A bar worker who had been in the trade for 15 years and was being bullied by his pub manager earlier this year called the helpline for advice, and was given  face to face counselling sessions where he lived to help alleviate his stress.  “We are here to support mental health issues with the right solution, be that on the phone or face to face”, said Carolyn.

The charity’s free helpline also supports pub managers when faced with difficult situations within their team. A recent call from the manager of a pub in Lancashire led to one-to-one support on how to deal with a suicidal member of the pub team, helping them to respond in the right way, look out for certain behaviours and provide useful specialist support to help them.

According to the Samaritans, three out of five employees have experienced mental health issues related to work3. The Licensed Trade Charity’s guidance includes looking at work-life balance, including time management, taking full breaks, eating healthily and switching off from the distractions of emails, texts and social media. More information is on the charity’s own help sheet here: https://www.licensedtradecharity.org.uk/improve-work-life-balance

People with concerns over stress are encouraged to call the Licensed Trade Charity’s free confidential helpline on 0808 801 0550 or visit https://www.licensedtradecharity.org.uk for more useful resources.

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