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Little Hotelier’s Local Booking Insights

Can data be your friend? We think so. After all, using data has kind of always been part of running a small property.

It might have previously come from things like manual market research, or by speaking with that friendly local ‘competitor’, while today, online solutions can crunch the numbers and provide usable insights in real-time.

But what data points do you actually need to know, and how can they be used?

Analysing our UK properties, we’ve pulled together some findings we’re sharing for the very first time — creating a simple (short and snappy) report that highlights both the latest trends among the country’s small properties, and the easy ways you can bring data and technology into day-to-day life at your property.

After you’ve finished reading it, you’ll have an understanding of:
• The channels bringing in the most revenue for UK’s 1-20 room properties
• How room rates are changing, and the tools you need to price your rooms with clarity
• The changes happening in booking lead time, and the opportunity this provides to drive more revenue
• The current split between guests arriving from within the UK and abroad.

Our aim is to provide you with access to the tools and info you need, so that you can make smarter decisions more easily.
Head here to get your copy of Little Hotelier’s Local Booking Insights: