Live Sports Fans Drive Sales At Pubs And Bars

LiveSporting events can be a big driver of footfall for pubs and bars—but is screening them worth the expense? Brand new research from CGA and MatchPint suggests that it is, and that even more benefits lie in wait for operators who truly understand the dynamics of live sport and the habits of fans.

From football’s Premier League and international tournaments to rugby’s Six Nations to American Football’s Superbowl, there are plenty of opportunities to tempt people in to licensed venues. With this come some hefty subscriptions of course, but CGA’s data suggests that broadcasting the Premier League alone is worth more than £30k a season to the average outlet.

Operators can do more to harness the appeal of live sport though. Our data shows that only 27% of sports fans always visit the same venue for their screenings, so loyalty is up for grabs.

The key to unlocking that is understanding what consumers’ want from their experiences. How important is the food offer, or the quality of screen fans watch? What sort of atmosphere do they like? How long before a match do they come out, and how long do they stay afterwards? Do they plan their visits in advance or go out spontaneously? And what are the behavioural differences between various sports? Boxing attracts late-night weekend drinkers, for example, while football can draw crowds on quieter midweek evenings.

The ‘Value of Sport’ report from CGA and MatchPint combines volumetric, consumer and publican research to provide answers to these and other big questions. And with so much sporting action to come over the next few months, it is a great time to gain some fresh insights. Football fixtures are coming thick and fast in one of the most exciting Premier League title races in years, while national pride will be on the line in the Six Nations over February and March. American Football’s NFL season is reaching its climax, and there are a host of blockbuster pay-per-view boxing fights in the calendar.

The powerful combination of CGA’s research and MatchPint’s online platform can help suppliers and retailers alike to grow sales around these and many other sporting occasions. Working out how to broaden the appeal of screenings will make all the difference between winning and losing on this particular playing field.